Grell Constantine

Constantine Grell

Director of Technology

Ottawa USD 290

Name:Grell Constantine
Address:Burlington, KS 66839

Squashing fear, uncertainty, and doubt in all technology environments.

Extensive expertise in the engineering, support, and administration of information systems over the last decade. Able to effortlessly transition from front line support to engineering or management - all while enabling, coaching and encouraging a world-class technology support team.


Jul 2014 - present

1. Ottawa USD 290

Director Of Technology
  • Formed a technology consortium that provides network services, technology planning, asset management, professional development, leadership, monitoring and maintenance for two neighboring districts. This arrangement has effectively doubled our supported endpoints.
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of 10 IT employees, altogether managing over 2000 PC’s, nearly 2000 Chromebooks, 450 iPads, 50 Cisco switches, and numerous physical/virtual servers and network devices.
  • Championed the schools Google Apps For Education and 1:1 initiative, becoming a regional leader in 1:1 ideology, offering assistance and training to area districts. Going Google enabled us to cut 10,000+ print jobs per month, which has added up to a significant annual savings.
  • Engineered a new help desk system that gave us more insight into our KPI’s. This help desk made it easier to request help for our users, and cut our resolution and response times in half in the first month, while simultaneously increasing our average ticket count by 30 percent due to usability.
  • Installed a robust monitoring system to have a single pane of glass view of our data center and all core services.
  • Secured $246k in funding for a district-wide 10Gb/s fiber network refresh, reducing our outlay to a mere $60k
Feb 2011 - Jul 2014

2. Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative, Inc.

GIS/IT Systems Analyst
  • Responsible for system-wide GPS inventory of tens of thousands of poles and other network devices spanning 2500 miles of line, encompassing over 7300 consumers in nine counties
  • Provide internal IT support for daily functions in the cooperative
  • Discovered several processes done by hand, or inefficiently that were replaced with paperless solutions
  • Responsible for website and social networking for the company, and the company sponsored annual BBQ event
  • Created custom web application that allows one-click viewing of entire fleet’s GPS locations and generates a live layer on our ArcGIS mapping. Vendor cost for a comparable solution was $7000 up front with monthly recurring costs
  • Solely responsible for hand-built meter data management system, allowing consumers to see their daily/weekly/monthly consumption measured against the temperatures for the allotted period (PHP->OCI8->Oracle 11g). This allows consumers the ability to see usage patterns that may help them curtail energy consumption. Similar commercially available products were quoted at well over $50,000
  • Built several web apps/databases to aide with internal functions of the cooperative, from material inventory management to consumer mailing lists
  • Played key role in $1 million AMR infrastructure upgrades
  • Replaced antiquated mail-server with extensively customized MailCleaner installation, allowing effortless spam filtering, and simplifying end-user retrieval of false positives; The open-source software and the re-purposed hardware made this solution free to the coop.
Jul 2009 - Feb 2011

3. Southern Coffey County USD 245

Director Of Technology
  • Provide system administration and ensure high level of reliability and stability along integrated systems
  • Build and configure servers, mail systems, backup and recovery plans, and network security systems
  • Create and administer policies and permissions
  • Analyze and resolve issues with connectivity, hardware, software, and operating systems.
  • Responsible for approximately 200 PC’s across 2 campuses comprising 6 buildings connected through fiber and point-to-point wireless solutions spanning 10 miles.
  • Configuration and administration of 2 Catalyst 3550’s, and 6 Adtran NetVanta 1224’s handling the communication between each building utilizing wireless hardware
  • Hand built internet site for the District, centralizing all information and allowing community interaction
  • Set up a FOG server to automate one-click system imaging across the district, thus eliminating time-consuming troubleshooting on student machines that house no data.
  • Repurposed trouble ticket system from previous job to allow faculty to quickly file help requests
  • Served as Coffey County Fiber Board Tech Committee member
  • Daily supervision of network and computer usage