Starting Somewhere…

My journey in technology has taken me in many different directions.  From a call center, to a data center and everything in between.  My latest move has put me back into a school district.  I enjoy my work in a school setting, as there is never a dull moment.  Every day is different.  Every day is exciting.  Every project is meaningful.  Our goals are clear, and our mission is achievable.  There are no blurred lines, there is minimal red tape, and I get to work with people who truly have a passion for what they do.

Recently, a few neighboring school districts have lost some great talent from their technology departments.  Four area technology directors have moved on to new jobs, leaving their previous positions vacant.  My district was in a unique spot.  We had just created a new position for our schools, thus expanding the size of our technology department.  With a little coaching, and a little negotiating – we had a plan.  We would offer technology services to the area schools in need.  We approached the schools, negotiated terms, and came away with two new districts to support.  Contracts were just finalized and we now provide consulting services for West Franklin USD 287, and Anderson County USD 365.

Welcome to the family!  Staring Monday – Documentation!  Rule #1 is to not make sweeping changes.  Evaluate, Understand, Investigate.  The two environments we inherited are very heterogeneous in terms of technology being used.  One is a Google school, and one is a full Microsoft shop.  One is on Chromebooks, the other on Windows devices.

Really looking forward to diving further into this consortium to see what savings we can offer up when it comes to Group Purchasing, shared services, and system standardization – whenever it makes sense.