Lyon-Coffey Electric Cooperative, Inc.

  • Responsible for system-wide GPS inventory of tens of thousands of poles and other network devices spanning 2500 miles of line, encompassing over 7300 consumers in nine counties
  • Provide internal IT support for daily functions in the cooperative
  • Discovered several processes done by hand, or inefficiently that were replaced with paperless solutions
  • Responsible for website and social networking for the company, and the company sponsored annual BBQ event
  • Created custom web application that allows one-click viewing of entire fleet’s GPS locations and generates a live layer on our ArcGIS mapping. Vendor cost for a comparable solution was $7000 up front with monthly recurring costs
  • Solely responsible for hand-built meter data management system, allowing consumers to see their daily/weekly/monthly consumption measured against the temperatures for the allotted period (PHP->OCI8->Oracle 11g). This allows consumers the ability to see usage patterns that may help them curtail energy consumption. Similar commercially available products were quoted at well over $50,000
  • Built several web apps/databases to aide with internal functions of the cooperative, from material inventory management to consumer mailing lists
  • Played key role in $1 million AMR infrastructure upgrades
  • Replaced antiquated mail-server with extensively customized MailCleaner installation, allowing effortless spam filtering, and simplifying end-user retrieval of false positives; The open-source software and the re-purposed hardware made this solution free to the coop.