Ottawa USD 290

  • Formed a technology consortium that provides network services, technology planning, asset management, professional development, leadership, monitoring and maintenance for two neighboring districts. This arrangement has effectively doubled our supported endpoints.
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of 10 IT employees, altogether managing over 2000 PC’s, nearly 2000 Chromebooks, 450 iPads, 50 Cisco switches, and numerous physical/virtual servers and network devices.
  • Championed the schools Google Apps For Education and 1:1 initiative, becoming a regional leader in 1:1 ideology, offering assistance and training to area districts. Going Google enabled us to cut 10,000+ print jobs per month, which has added up to a significant annual savings.
  • Engineered a new help desk system that gave us more insight into our KPI’s. This help desk made it easier to request help for our users, and cut our resolution and response times in half in the first month, while simultaneously increasing our average ticket count by 30 percent due to usability.
  • Installed a robust monitoring system to have a single pane of glass view of our data center and all core services.
  • Secured $246k in funding for a district-wide 10Gb/s fiber network refresh, reducing our outlay to a mere $60k